Privacy NOTICE
Based on Articles 15 , 16 and other applicable provisions of the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesion de Particulares (Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties) (the "LAW ") and its regulations, we inform you, that the moral person named INMOBILIARIA Y OPERADORA COSTA BAJAMAR , S.A. DE C.V., at the property located at Lot CG17 -1, within the Tourism Development Bajamar, located at km 77.5 of the Tijuana -Ensenada Scenic Highway , in the municipality of Ensenada , Baja California , Zip Code 22760 , and web page (hereinafter " HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR" ) is responsible for collecting your Personal Data (as such term is defined below) of the use given to them and their protection . Also will be responsible for processing requests to holders of personal data, for the exercise of their rights under the provisions of the “LAW”.

Personal information collected by “HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR” and no processing of sensitive data.

The personal and / or commercial data allied " HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR " you can get direct , indirect , personally or through its subsidiaries, subsidiaries , affiliates, controlling the holder to provide a quality service are: full name, date and place of birth , gender, email address , landline and / or mobile phone , address , name of the company where he works, federal taxpayer registry number of official identification .HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR to fulfill the purposes mentioned below is not collected or sensitive personal data. We understand that with regard to Personal Data to third parties ( for example , personal references and / or commercial ) you provide to us, You already have the authorization of the holder to be delivered and processed by us in accordance with this privacy notice.

The purposes of processing personal data.

HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR , treat your personal to meet the primary and necessary purposes that data described below , which most are not limited to : ( a) identify you as a customer , legal or interested in our products / services representative; ( b ) meet their needs; ( c ) contact and to follow our business or financial relationship concerning our products and services; ( d ) establishing documents , contracts, notes , agreements , invoices , receipts and documentation related to the relationship; ( e) financial and credit purposes; ( f ) handling complaints and clarifications ; ( g ) storage; ( h ) comply with terms and conditions that we have established with you. Aims High and Transfer. Also, if you do not object, HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR process your personal data for secondary purposes such as : ( a) statistical , marketing and prospecting ; and ( b ) inform you of new products, promotions , offers and discounts authorizing the dispatch of such information by email, text messages ( SMS) , instant electronic messages , multimedia messages , or any other media. Also, if you do not object, HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR transfer your Personal Information to its subsidiaries or affiliates under common control of the same group responsible , same operating under the same processes and internal policies of respect for the privacy of HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR so that they will offer goods or services according to their interests. HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR necessary to meet the purposes described above or other legally required by the competent authorities only transfer Personal Data needed in cases provided by “LAW”.

Means and procedure to exercise rights ARCO or Personal revocation of the consent for the data processing.

You have a right to exercise any of Rights ARCO (outburst, rectification, cancellation or opposition) as well as limiting the use or broadcasting of your Personal Details or revoking your consent. For it, it is necessary that you present a written request of the exercise of the right ARCO directed to the department of personal details of HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR, located in the address before indicated, or else, get in touch by e-mail to should have received both times acknowledgment of receipt in order that HOTEL. The Request will have to contain the following information: (to) name (s) and last names yours or your representative, in your case; (b) email address to receive notifications; copy of the identification; (and) clear and precise description of the Personal Details in respect of which look for exercising some of the Right ARCO; (f) any O element, the document that he provides the location of his Personal Details; And (g) signature of the Request of yours or your representative. In case of requesting the exercise of the right of: (to) Rectification, will have to indicate the modifications to realize and to provide the documentation that credits and holds the petition; and (b) Access; HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR. In a time limit of 20 natural days from the acknowledgment of receipt of the request, will have to take care of the petition and to get information to the client on precedence or intervening irrelevance of the request and send at the e-mail provided in the request. In case of working out appropriate your request, HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR will have to make the proper changes within 15 natural days, from the reception of the request. In addition, HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR have a “Exclusion List” that allow us to limit the use and disclosure of personal data, for purposes to be excluded, is needed to send a written request with (a) name and last name; and (b) email, in order to get an answer, addressed to, with the plenty information to confirm your identity, send the request like indicated in the three previous paragraphs. The whole documentation will have to be sent PDF in file format, readable and complete, in order that HOTEL.

Use of Cookies or Web Beacons or other Similar Technologies.

Cookies are text files that are unloaded automatically and stored in the hard disk of the computer equipment of the user to navigate in a page of specific Internet, that they enable remembering some data on this user to the Internet server, between them its preferences for the visualization of the pages in that servant, name and password. For your part, the Web Beacons are images inserted in a page of Internet or e-mail, that it can be used to monitor a visitor's behavior, as storing information on the IP address of the usurer, duration of the passage of time of interaction in the aforementioned page and the type of used browser, among others. We report to him that Cookies neither Web DO NOT USE Beacons or other similar technologies to obtain personal information of yours.

Means to communicate changes to Privacy Notice.

HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR any modification to this privacy notice will be made in this same web site of one's acquaintance:, without the need communicating such modification. We recommend to visit the web page periodically to review if some change happens to Privacy Notice.

Complaints and reports for the undue treatment of its Personal Details.

If you consider that your right to protection of Personal Details has been injured for HOTEL HACIENDA BAJAMAR or you presume that in the treatment of your Personal Details there is any violation to the dispositions foreseen in the Law, will be able to interpose your complaint or the corresponding elk denounces the Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos , IFAI, for more information visit